CHEM310 Chemistry Laboratory VI

1) Separation of cations in a given mixture through ion exchange column and estimation by volumetric / gravimetric methods 

2) Extraction of caffeine 

3) Isolation of nucleic acid from banana 

4) One step synthesis of organic compounds 

a) Preparation of chalcone. 

b) Bromination of acetaConsult Course Tutoride 

c) Epoxidation reaction. 

d) Reduction of carbonyl compounds. 

e) Preparation of methyl orange. 

5) Experiments on analytical chemistry 

a) Calibration of burette, pipette and standard measuring flask 

b) Estimation of errors from volumetric / gravimetric, and other experiments 

c) UV-Vis spectral recording for simple organic inorganic compounds/ions – Theory is not necessary. Experiment should familiarize the techniques to the students 

d) IR spectral recording for sample organic/inorganic compounds/ions – To familiarize the technique to the students 

e) Solvent extraction of selected organic/inorganic compounds/ions

Teacher: Vasuki G