CHEM546 Electroanalytical Techniques

Unit I (Kinetics of Electrode Reactions): Mass transfer by Diffusion and Migration – models of electrode reactions – current potential characteristics – general mass transfer equation , migration and diffusion
Unit II (Potential Step Methods): Types of techniques, step under diffusion control, Ilkovic equation – polarographic analysis – sampled current voltammetry: reversible, irreversible processes, multicomponent systems
 Unit III (Chrono Methods): Chronoamperometry, chrono coulometry – pulse polarographic methods: Tast pulse, normal pulse, differential pulse
 Unit IV (Potential Sweep Methods): Cyclic Voltammetry: Nernstian reversible, totally irreversible, quasi-reversible processes, multicomponent systems – convolute or semi-integral techniques
Unit V (Bulk Electrolysis Techniques): Classification of methods – Controlled Potential methods: current – time behaviour, electrogravimetry, electro-separation – Coulometric measurements: controlled current methods: characteristics, coulometric methods – Electrometric end point detection: classification, potentiometric, amperometry methods.