CHEM101 General Chemistry I

Course outcome: On successful completion of this course learners will be able to (a) Comprehend the evolution of electronic structure of atom (b) Use quantum numbers and atomic orbital equations to visualize the shapes of orbitals (c) Recognize the relationship between position of an element in periodic table and its atomic properties and the periodic trend in properties (d) Explain the concept of chemical bonding (e) Analyse the properties of gases, liquids, solids and solutions 

Course Objectives: 

1. To develop conceptual knowledge about the electronic structure of atom, organization of periodic table and trend in atomic properties, properties of physical states of matter.

2. Apply the concepts to write electronic configuration of elements. Comprehend, analyse and predict type of chemical bonds and properties of matter.

Unit 1 Atomic structure

Unit 2 Periodic table and periodicity

Unit 3 Chemical bonding

Unit 4 Gases, Liquids, Solids

Unit 5 Solutions