Course List

14. CHEM341 Physical Chemistry II

Credits: 3-1-0-3

Prerequisites: None

Unit I (Chemical Kinetics – 1) Rates of reaction - order and molecularity of reactions - rate law and rate constants - determination of rate law - first, second, third and fractional order of reactions - half lives - Arrhenius theory - types of reactions: approaching equilibrium, consecutive reactions, - steady state approximation - pre equilibria. 

Unit II (Chemical Kinetics – 2) Introduction to collisional theory of reactions - Lindemann Hinshelwood unimolecular reactions - complex reactions: reversible, parallel, competitive reactions, chain reactions - polymerization - explosion - oscillations - rapid reactions –. 

Unit III (Reaction in solutions) Comparison of rate between gas phase and in solution – factors governing rates of reaction in solution – theories of reaction rates applied to reactions in solutions – influence of liquid medium in rate – kinetic isotope effect – solvent isotope effect – linear free energy relationship 

Unit IV (Surface and Colloids) Surface tension, capillarity-structure of surface films-surfactants and micelles. Adsorption on surfaces - physisorption & chemisorption - desorption - adsorption isotherms: Gibbs, Langmuir, BET, other isotherms - measurement of surface area using adsorption isotherms, kinetics of homogeneous catalytic reaction - colloids: classification – preparation, purification, and stability of colloids 

Unit V (Reaction in the excited states) Photochemical reactions – excited electronic states – intermolecular and intramolecular deactivation kinetics of excited states - types of photochemical reaction – photoelectron- chemistry 


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