Course List

4. CHEM210 Chemistry Laboratory IV

Credits: 0-1-4-2

Prerequisites: None

1) Identification of well known organic functional groups - Identification of elements present and functional groups.

2) Determination of phase transition temperature of phenol-water system.

3) Determination of equilibrium constant of \(I^{-} +I _{2} \leftrightharpoons I_{3}^{-}\)

4) Phase diagram of two component and three component systems.

5) Electrochemistry experiments. (i) Determination of electrode potential (ii) pH titration involving strong/weak acids and strong/weak bases (iii) Conductometry titration experiments (iv) Conductivity of weak and strong electrolytes

6) Mini-lab in organic synthesis (i)  Nitration of naphthalene (ii)   Ozazone formation (iii) Bromination of hydrocarbons.