Course List


Credits: 3-1-0-3

Prerequisites: None

Unit I (Introduction to Organic Chemistry) Introduction to functional groups, structure and bonding; isomers, nomenclature, and resonance; Intermolecular forces (Organic Chemistry by P.Y Bruice Chapter 1 and Chapter 2) 

Unit II (Chemical reactivity of organic molecules) Reaction Classification by Structural Change by Reaction Type; Acid-Base reactions, Oxidations & Reductions, Reaction Variables, Reactants & Reagents, Product Selectivity, Other Variables, Reaction Rate ,Intermediates, Reaction Energetics, Bond Energy, Electronic Effects, Steric Effects, Solvent Effects, Reaction Mechanisms, Curved Arrow Notation, Reactive Intermediates, Reaction Illustrations, Nucleophilicity & Basicity, Acid Base Catalysis (Organic Reactivity; Virtual text of organic chemistry) 

Unit III (Stereochemistry) Stereoisomers: Alkene Configurational Isomers, Cycloalkane Configurational Isomers Conformational Isomers: Ethane,Butane, Cycloalkanes, Substituted Cyclohexanes Chirality & Symmetry: Symmetry Elements, Enantiomorphism, Optical Activity, Configurational nomenclature, Compounds Having Two or More Stereogenic Centers, Fischer Projection Formulas, achiral diastereomers, Other Configurational Notations, Resolution Conformational Enantiomorphism (Chapter 2.9 – 2.15 and chapter 4 upto 4.13 of Bruice). 

Unit IV (Chemistry of non aromatic hydrocarbons) Nomencalture, synthesis and reactions of alkanes Nomenclature , synthesis and reactions of alkenes. Nomenclature , synthesis and reactions of alkynes Nomenclature , synthesis and reactions of dienes (Chapters 8,3, 5,6 and 7 of Bruice)  

Unit V (Chemistry of aromatic hydrocarbons) Aromaticity, Huckel Rule, resonance energy, Benzene structure and reactions, Naphthalene structure and reactions, Activity and orientation of substituted benzenes. (Chapters 14 and 15 of Bruice) 

Text book: 

Organic Chemistry, P. Y. Bruice, Pearson Education, 3 rd edition, 2006 

Further Reading 

1. Organic Chemistry; L.G. Wade, 5 th edition, Pearson Publications, 2003 

2. Organic Chemistry, Clayden, Greeves, Warren, Oxford University Press, 2001